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Water filtration service that makes Nashville water a popular beverage. Enhance your workplace break room with professional water service from Nashville Coffee Service.

Taste the pure, fresh flavor

Water filtration service removes the impurities that affect the taste of your water and all beverages made with water.

Water is essential to quench thirst and in making coffee, tea, and ice for cold drinks. It should taste good, without a lot of hassle. Nashville Coffee Service makes delicious, pure water a reality with premium water service. We offer various water filtration models to ensure a perfect fit for your location. Each connects directly to the water line, sending water through commercial grade filters.

Vending machines and water filtration services in Nashville

The best water service option

We offer different styles of water filtration systems to meet each location’s unique footprint and demand on water.

No more bottles

Our water filtration service includes bottle less water coolers that don’t require 5-gallon jugs.

Counter top units

Enjoy great tasting water from a low-profile water dispenser that sits right on the counter.

Floor standing coolers

Full size water filtration units are ideal for break areas with no counter space to spare.

Single provider benefit

We are a one stop shop for your business, offering water service, coffee, service, vending, and more.

Multi-temperature water

Water filtration equipment delivers on-demand hot, cold, and tepid water through various taps.

Delicious water

Encourage hydration at your location with great-tasting water available right in the break room.

Sustainable water option

Water filtration service is an environmentally friendly water service option. It eliminates bottling and transporting of 5 gallon plastic jugs which puts a strain on natural resources. Instead, it connects directly to your existing water line, providing convenient, filtered water in various temperatures. It’s an eco-friendly way to encourage more people to drink water, as well as improve the taste of your coffee, tea, and ice.

Enhance your workplace break room with professional water service from Nashville Coffee Service at (615) 824-2000;

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