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Elevate your Nashville workplace with a simple, yet powerful perk — traditional coffee equipment. These innovative machines brew flavorful coffee for a high volume of people, keeping it instantly ready at the perfect temperature in airpots, dispensers, or carafes. They allow freedom to choose the coffee you want, from national brands to local roasters, and deliver savings over single cup coffee brewing options. Coupled with unparalleled service from Nashville Coffee Service, traditional coffee equipment can drive up productivity, enhance business, boost morale, and reduce turnover.

Nashville traditional coffee equipment

Short thermal carafe

The Newco B-180-0 brewer is fully automatic, perfectly brewing coffee into an easy to pour carafe.

Tall gravity dispenser

Choose the B180-8 when you want to have several dispensers of coffee available, such as regular and decaf.

Traditional coffee equipment in Nashville
Traditional Nashville coffee equipment

Movable airpot

The innovative Newco B180-4 brews directly into an insulated airpot, which can be moved for portable coffee dispensing.

Short gravity dispenser

With a shorter height, the Newco B180-3 delivers coffee into short dispensers or tall carafes and is perfect for tight spaces.

Traditional coffee equipment in Nashville

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