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Your pantry service partner in Nashville

Vending machines and pantry services in Nashville

Great benefit add-on

Our pantry service solution makes it easy to manage free food and drinks in the break room which boosts morale and productivity.

Pantry service is how many Nashville businesses are enhancing their break rooms. It takes employee benefits to the next level by offering them free food, snacks, and drinks right onsite. It creates a welcome place to refresh and take breaks, which aids in problem solving and being productive. Employees will feel appreciated while enjoying the items and yet there’s hardly any work for you. We coordinate the entire service, watch the budget, stock the shelves, and send you a usage report along with the monthly bill.


Vending machines in Nashville

Custom designs

Our pantry service includes a custom design and selection based on your wants and needs. It includes equipment the right mix of products.

Stylish shelving and containers for your space
Ideal mix of fresh, packaged, and bulk items
Regular restocking and refreshing of products

Healthy Options

Pantry service is ideal to bring fresh and nutritious choices into the break room. Employees will choose the free better--for-you option over costly, less healthy ones.

Fresh food is made daily by our in-house commissary
Includes healthy bulk items, such as nuts, seeds, fruit, etc.
No cost, nutritious options empower employee wellness
Vending machines in Nashville pantry services

Working together

Pantry service is an opportunity for us to work closely to transform the break room into a benefit. You pick the budget and what types of products you want, and we keep you updated on usage and cost.

Regular updates on budgets and what’s being consumed
Tailored offerings based on what products you want to offer
Full service restocking of shelves and coolers based on need
Vending machines in Nashville

Grab and go solutions

Pantry service is the perfect solution for employees looking for a quick snack onsite. Everything is easily at hand, and it’s no cost.

Packaged or easily dispensed bulk items ideal for a quick break
Helps employees get re-energized and quickly back to work
Assists the work-life balance sought after by so many employees
Vending machines and pantry services in Nashville

Variety of options

Pantry service can include any products you want. We can special order items just for you and we constantly suggest new ones to freshen up the selections.

Choose the combination of snacks, food, and drinks you want
Get specialty items not usually found in vending or micro-markets
Rotate in new products we find at trade shows and tasting events

Employee-impressing benefit

Pantry service transforms the way employees view their workplace, creating the ultimate break room experience.

Discover how pantry service works by contacting the experts — Nashville Coffee Service at (615) 824-2000;

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