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Sego Bean to Cup Espresso Machines are the next big trend in the Nashville coffee scene

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A coffeeshop in a machine

This espresso brewer produces freshly made espresso and specialty drinks without the need for a barista.

Innovative technology

The Sego Bean to Cup Espresso Machine brings high quality grinder, brewer, and ingredient dispenser into one easy-to-use unit.

Extensive beverage range

Choose from dozens of espresso beverages and other hot drinks using the touchscreen or create your own recipes.

Perk for employees

Having this type of specialty espresso beverages unit at work is considered a benefit by Nashville employees.

Take a look at what the Sego Bean to Cup Espresso Machine is capable of producing

Vending machines and office coffee equipment in Nashville

Completely automatic brewing

Creation of speciality drinks is easy thanks to multiple canisters, one for coffee beans and two for other ingredients including powdered milk or cocoa.

Thanks to the patented Bravilor Bonamat ingredient mixing unit, the Sego is maintenance friendly. A smooth coating prevents clogging and optimizes the flow of instant ingredients. This increases the quality of the beverage substantially. Additionally, there is a unique hot water system that considerably reduces lime build-up within the brewer.

Great features you won’t find on other brewers

  • Coffee beans ground fresh for each espresso drink
  • Intuitive touchscreen makes operating easy
  • Includes automatic energy-saving mode
  • Smart counters for emptying, descaling, etc.
  • Customizable settings, including coffee to water ratio
  • Perfect for waiting areas, small offices, or kichenettes

Huge menu of specialty drinks

Enjoy personalized beverages from espresso to hot chocolate and a variety inbetween. Select from Coffee crema, Café au lait, Cappuccino, Espresso, Espreschoc, Americano, Latte macchiato, Mochaccino, or even hot water. Each is freshly made while you wait.

Vending machines and office coffee equipment in Nashville

Broaden the appeal of your coffee break with a Sego Bean to Cup Espresso Machine from Nashville Coffee Service at (615) 824-2000,

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